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When a patient is ready to return home, the social services coordinator works the medical staff, patient and family to ensure a continuum of care and rehabilitative services. With a physician's referral, patients may receive convalescent care and rehabilitation at home. These services range from help with dressing or eating to extensive physical therapy. Complete services which are approved by Medicare or Medicaid include: skilled nursing, personal care, medical supplies, medical social services, and nutritional counseling.

Home health care is an extension of the skilled nursing care found in a hospital setting, including the services listed above and other special medical services. A HomeCare program is conducted under the direction of the patient's personal physician and is totally coordinated with the staff. Services are specifically designed to meet the patient's needs, and allow the patient to remain in the comfort and privacy of home while receiving rehabilitative services or convalescent care.

The patient and family are taught procedures and techniques which will enable them to administer the necessary care at home. Registered nurses observe and report on any significant finding in the execution of the health plan as requested by the attending physician. HomeCare aides will also assist the patient in achieving greater independence in the normal activities of daily life, such as walking, dressing and even eating.

A nutrition counselor can also be available to help the patient establish and adhere to a realistic diet and to supervise meal planning and preparation. A medical social worker can be available to help the patient and the health professionals involved to understand the social and emotional problems or personal difficulties related to the patient's health and recovery.

HomeCare is available to homebound Medicare, Medicaid, or private-paying patients whose private physician has ordered HomeCare to treat an ongoing or intermittent skilled health care need.